Community Service

IPS believes that community service starts from individual empowerment and subsequently through institutional and societal development. Towards this direction, IPS designs, develops, runs and evaluates not-for-profit programs that directly benefit individual and allied social organs. Following are our areas of services for Community:

  • Basic Needs Support
  • Health and Hygiene
  • Education and Literacy
  • Elderly Care
  • Culture Specific Development
  • Economic Development
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Fund-raising for support groups
  • Disaster Response
  • Social Responsibility Initiatives
  • End-of-Life Care

From a meta-systemic standpoint, programs under these titles bring NGOs, Social Support Groups, Self-Help Groups, Corporations, Institutions and other interveners an opportunity to avail a better platform in terms of content, objectives, efficiency and scope. Moreover, it extends the benefit to a larger section of needy people.Interested organizations/groups and individuals can take in their cause to our attention and get benefited through funds and associations for a long-run.

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