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Erikson Academy

Erikson Academy of Continuing Education is an independent affiliate of Indian Psychological Society which was founded to help students and professionals build human capacity through education and training programs. Today, Erikson Academy continues to pursue this vision through a portfolio of programs aimed at both educating of and developing intervention skills in people.

As we are seeing these programs from a capacity-building perspective, we expect candidates with a genuine zeal and interest towards psycho-social causes to join us. During the learning process we offer a customized Personal Contact Program (PCP) for supporting your further and that would be optional for learners.

Though these programs may not demand a huge share of your time and investment, we advise you to take the enrollment decision based on your commitment towards the larger goal and your own focus on building a career with respect to societal development.

For more information on the programs we offer and apply for that, you may log on to our website