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The Largest and Scientific Society for Psychologists

Psychological Society is the largest association for Psychologists, allied professionals and associations functioning across the globe.&nbsp

The Society is the premier professional and scientific association for psychologists and is committed in supporting quality practice, education and research in psychology. We provide a forum for Indian Psychologists to cooperate in a wide range of fields of applied Psychology. We extend professional development opportunities, networking avenues and other benefits and services for our members. This space provides information for our members and for the public.

What's New at The Psychological Society

World Mental Health Day

An opportunity to differentiate at your workplace!
World Mental Health Day 2010
Chronic Care Management and Mental Health
Call for Change
Posters for the Campaign
Guidelines for Organizations
Guidelines for Academic Settings
Declaration of Endorsement

Training on Interpersonal Therapy

Managing Psychological Emergencies of Teenage Girls

Psychological Well-being of Children: Lessons for Family and School Interventions

Divorce, Children and Adolescents: Psychological Impact and Interventions

Emotional Intelligence

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in Adolescence

Stress: Fundamentals and Implications for Organizational Settings

Counseling needs and Developmental Concerns of Deprived Students

Understanding Cognitive Psychology

Work-life Balance and Role Stresses: A research summary

Physical and Psychological Changes in Puberty

Why Some Kids Don’t Fit In

Four Unhealthy Behaviors Combine To Increase Risk Of Death

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Our Existence

The Society

'Our Vision'

A scientifically developed and matured practice of the profession wherein respective community is benefitted in terms of holistic well-being.

Our Mission

The Indian Psychological Society is functioning with the following major objectives among others:

  • To create awareness about the significance of mental health among people through building professional networks and bringing public accessibility to quality mental health services
  • To further the development of psychology as a science and as a profession with particular reference to training, qualification and status.
  • To promote continuous learning among Psychology and allied professionals through structured programs of educational and development nature
  • The integration of practice with research and the promotion of an integrated discipline of psychology.
  • To promote the reputation of psychology and psychologists as well as the protection of their interests.
  • To offer psychological services and affiliations to the public, corporates, schools and other similar institutions.

We assume responsibility for the development, promotion and application of pure and applied psychology for the public good.

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